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Anonymous asked: Hello, I was curious about what kind of knives you use? I'm fairly new to paper cutting and I've been using tiny little scissors that are actually meant for my cards, as I'm sure you can imagine the snowflakes and things don't look too good with the scissors and my thumbs start to hurt from holding them. It would be great if you could help and thanks in advance :) Bekka

darn tumblr hid this message from me so I only saw it yesterday, sorry about that! I hope you still get to read it.

I feel your pain - once when I didn’t have my scalpels at hand I used nail scissors (and my gran can do some amazing things with them) and it was incredibly frustrating. I also tried a utility knife once (desperate times) which was terrible and made all my corners fuzzy. But usually what I use calls itself fancily ‘precision blade’ but really is just an X-acto knife like this:


My mum gave them to me and they’re originally German so I’m not sure where they’re from - super useful though, it’s a whole box with three pens and about 10 different blades that I switch around because I’m too cheap to buy new ones even though mine are super blunt by now. They’ll give you a nice grip thanks to the rough area, but that also means that after a while your fingers get sore here as well (way better than scissors though).

I hope that helps and have fun papercrafting! 

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Ah I’m so sorry I should have checked up on the old links (and added a new one for the latest pack, completely forgot about that)!
And also my sincerest apologies for not replying for so long. Christmas was kind of a bad time for me.

Anyway - I present to you - all three packs in a handy pdf, accessible for everyone. You can print them, share them, just not change the sizes. 


Of course if you’d rather have the images via email so you can adjust them just inbox me your email address! 

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Round 3 of Whoflakes - the one with the Christmas!

It’s been a year since my last set, so I figured it was time for another one… ranging from pretty easy (Adipose) to omg why did I ever think this was a good idea (evil snowman). Another thing I found very helpful this time around: nail scissors for all the cuts you can access from the edges. They are a bit easier to control, faster and make smaller cuts possible - however, especially the curved ones, cut diagonally, so the lowest layer of paper might have the cut a millimeter to the left or right from the upmost one. If that makes any sense. 

Enjoy, and as always, I’d love to see your creations!

Round one: (x)

Round two: (x)

How I make them: (x)

And this is how they look all done (apologies, I didn’t get to the TARDIS one):

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Late contribution to the 50th: Gallifrey falls no more

Late contribution to the 50th: Gallifrey falls no more

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amalgamati0n asked: Do you have a pattern for the angels/tardis who flake?

Hi there! I’m really sorry it took me so long to reply, life is barking mad. 

I don’t have patterns for most of the flakes unfortunately, but you can take the TARDIS from here and the angel looks something like this (apologies for crappiness, I haven’t used my tablet in months):

I hope that helps, if you need any more (or more specific), don’t hesitate to ask! 

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I made a thing. I like it so I thought I’d show it off. 

I made a thing. I like it so I thought I’d show it off. 

#paper craft#butterfly#crafts#idk I'm generally unproductive today so I'm showing you a project I made three weeks ago#I really like it though#only bummed out that I didn't have the time to make the other half#sorry for the bad photo it's late#I'm kinda thinking about eventually opening an etsy shop with this kind of stuff if people would be interested?#my crafts#I wore it for a dark fairytale cabaret fundraiser for our show it was fun#they had pretty awesome coctails

Not sure if I should continue? It was more a let-me-try-whether-this-idea-works. 

Not sure if I should continue? It was more a let-me-try-whether-this-idea-works. 

#my crafts#paper craft#hence the messiness#but it's gotten quite nice#gh#I'd never wear it even if it wasn't too thin a paper#I just wanted to channel all of my paper cut energy into something fandom related

Thought I’d put my paper art obsession into something more fandom-related. 

Thought I’d put my paper art obsession into something more fandom-related. 

#not super satisfied with it#but it was a first endeavour and I have plenty more ideas#my crafts