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I’m listening to a podcast about photography and the evolution of the Selfie and it sounds really interesting but because it’s in Norwegian I only get about half of it

#my life#but hey I'm working on it right?

ffs finally I get an Agents of SHIELD episode that’s not ending on a cliffhanger but now the next one is the one with Sif

#like how can I not??#also it's extremely weird to have seen only the hydra takeover episode and nothing else#well like now fourteen episodes#but it's like 'I know you're a baddy.... you're going to die... you're bad... you too...'#but interesting because you get to see all the links#well a few at least#my life#also I still need to do the dishes I've been doing them at half eleven all week#my flatmate must hate me

just wanted to say that I did actually make it out of the house, had a fun day and even ventured out on a walk today

it’s not all social anxiety and feeling overwhelmed just for the record (mostly myself)

#and tomorrow IKEA#an outing I'm actually excited for#and then apparently a BBQ on an island where you can also go swimming?#I'm telling ya studying in all of the cool places is really paying off#my life

I’m really tired but if I go nap now I won’t be able to sleep tonight

In other news the European Languages office at Edinburgh is great, they sent me something I needed in like half an hour

and I survived my first Norwegian conversation

sort of

I understood about half of what they were saying and didn’t have to talk that counts right?

#which means I might still get into my courses#YAAAAAY#I need to go grocery shopping#and it's really early and ncie so I feel like I should go outside?#also I'll get bored if I just stay in#but also really tired#ugh#my life

the band that I just rediscovered after not having listened to them for like three years has a ridiculous amount of songs about sad long distance relationships

not helping

#my life#but I do enjoy listening to them again#I forgot how much I liked them and they perked me up#I'd reccommend but they're German and a capella so rather niche

I have arrived

I have a flat and internet and raspberries


#there's a weird state of mind between boredom and exhaustion#there's not really anything to do (except frantically shopping because everything will be closed)#(but also knowing that I'll have to fill the entirety of tomorrow with.... stuff)#but also I'm too tired to do anything#so my brain is all BUT STUFF AND THINGS AND I'M SURE YOU CAN FIND SOMETHING TO DO#and my body just goes .... myeh#it's too early to sleep but I don't want to move#and am too distracted to read#my life

Hey guys currently bouncing from two hours sleep to fourteen and similar extremes emotionally while trying to see as many friends as possible and watching 2-4 shows every day so tumblr time is cut a bit short

I’ll see you… when I know how good the internet is in my Norway flat?

#probably lots of panicked textposting before#but little reblogging and actually you know nice things#sorry#my life

packing is plain depressing

#one and a half weeks to go#which means it'll all get chaotic again#but I have slightly more realistic ideas about how much I can take#or rather how little#I feel a lot like late 10 to be honest#apart from the power crazy bit#my life