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I’m going to see Frankenstein again this year and I found a lot of Beltane drumming online, the quality is crap but THE DRUMS MAN

#bless halloween just because they play it again then#I don't care about the rest#I just care about theatre#(and Samhuinn)#absolutely pumped for Samhuinn#well#I can't take part so that's really sad#but I get to see it#and go to the club after#and see my friends#and dance to drums#you guys don't know how much I love drums#my life

because I haven’t been to classes for a week it feels like I’m on holiday and I want to stay up through the night and savour the dehydration headache that cames from it but I have class at 8.30 and why do I have a normal live that doesn’t consist of spending entire days in bed with a gorgeous intelligent man who is really into you?

#I'm just whining don't listen to me#it was just nice having a break#and not feeling guilty about it#and yeah I was totally bored and didn't want it#and I'm sure I'll be equally bored in two days because I still can't move above the abolsute minimum#(well not still rather again but shhhh)#but right now I just miss being able to stay up late without repercussions#and you know having my boyfriend here#my life

Phwoah, what a weekend

#absolutely exhausted#and almost guilty thinking that my boyfriend will have to spend the night on an airport#because he was even more floored than I am#and he has to work in the morning#but then it was totally mutually agreed that it was worth it#what a good weekend for my flatmate to be away#or if he was here we intimidated him enough that I never heard anything from him#my life

there’s a really interesting event going on tonight but it involves a lot of walking and ever since I put on socks and put my ankle vertical it’s been kinda painful and the blood doesn’t flow properly and I’m really not sure if I should go

#my brain is in a general blaaeeeeh don't wanna do anything mood#so that's not helping#my life#but I know if I go it'll be really cool#but then again if it messes up the ankle I'll be super pressed over the whole weekend

dear people who have played super loud, bass-throbbing music in the flat above me for the last two hours


#just like go running or whatever Norwegians do with their time#or at least wear headphones#I think I'm relatively tolerant with noise in general#I mean it's to be expected in student housing#but two hours?#and jumping on the floor so it booms even more?#it's really wearing me down#my life

Today I sprained my ankle and it was awesome

that sounds really weird but has three reasons:

1 - I took some really pretty pictures of sparrows while I waited for the shock to subside and being able to walk again

2 - it was by bad leg which means that it could have taken out my patella instead, but my knee is all fine and dandy and holding together tightly

3 - it was right next to the university health centre and the adrenaline made me actually go in and ask for a counselling session. I’ve been struggling a lot with depression in the last three months but really it’s been about two years since I’ve known I should seek professional help. It took me until nine months ago to actively acknowledge that and it’s a huge step for me to now actually do it.

And then I went to a yarn shop and the local library which I absolutely fell in love with (they fantasy books are labeled in this super fancy Gothic script and I got the most beautiful brandnew illustrated edition of fairy tales in a box set ever AND they have lots of rare books and English books and DVDs!) and bought myself chocolate and pistachios as a reward.

Extra perk: having a wonky ankle means I have a good reason to take care of myself and against the part of me that is always unhappy with the amount of stuff I get done. 

#I mean it also means that it's super painful right now#because I kept walking around on it#but fuck that I did something awesome today and nothing can diminish that#my life

woop so turns out headache is actually proper illness

at least I’m pretty sure healthy people can swallow properly and don’t feel like their brains are in a slowcooker 

except if you’re studying grammar because then that’s the norm

#I haven't been sick in a pretty long time so I feel almost helpless#I don't want to go to bed yet#but I feel really tired#ugh and I should really read some Old Norse stuff I think we have a class test tomorrow#oh yeah and an essay due next week#hahaha this is really great timing#my life

omg I’m listening to this Norwegian history drama and it’s like ‘yeah so those people want to take over our country but worse they are Lutherans’

#it's always this super dramatic thing#with music and all#noT THe LuTHERANS#my life


I thought there wasn’t actually a postgrad degree in Edinburgh that I liked but turns out there is

someone give me £8000 please

Ah no wait I forgot everything might be different by the day after tomorrow so it doesn’t make sense to look funding up now

#you know#independence and all#my life

I thought there wasn’t actually a postgrad degree in Edinburgh that I liked but turns out there is

someone give me £8000 please

#my life#I really really want to stay in Edinburgh#but that's a lot of money#and I can't really pull that off after Norway#and yeah that's two years away#but still