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packing is plain depressing

#one and a half weeks to go#which means it'll all get chaotic again#but I have slightly more realistic ideas about how much I can take#or rather how little#I feel a lot like late 10 to be honest#apart from the power crazy bit#my life

I just realized that there’s pictures of me reenacting the Creation of Adam with my mum’s cat and it makes me feel strangely accomplished

#random things that come up when I update my 'official' blog and look at pictures of the last few months#the cat is God obviously#my life

Instead of finishing all he TV shows that I have to catch up on, I think I’ll start watching Sailor Moon

#Agents of Shield Buffy Game of Thrones sorry#soooon#well#you know#at some point#also I found out I actually have Portal 2 on steam?#I didn't know this#so I really should finish Portal 1 and start that one#and I'm terrible at Spelunky and am starting to get frustrated by Braid#so in that way it has been a rather productive day I guess#woooo games#my life

the light is so disorientating it’s half past eleven but still light outside and I’m completely thrown off

#haven't been so far north in more than a month#and these are the longest days#oh god winter is going to be a challenge#my life#I've slept about three and a half hours but am pretty awake now?

when will I ever learn that eating half a bar of chocolate throws me into a sugar high and makes me restless and unhappy with things

…. and that I shouldn’t bury my face in the cat because it’s summer and he’s losing tons of hair

#like seriously#I do this every few weeks#and then forget about it#BRAIN#I'll have some stir fry and unravel some yarn#keeping my fingers busy usually works#ooooh also pilates yeah I haven't done that in a while#acro instead which is a lot more fun#but not really possible alone#I can stand on someone's shoulders though now#my life#has changed A LOT

also you know you’re leading an adventurous life when you’re told that Germany has won the World Cup by a (naked) stranger in a Polish sauna after he’s discovered you’re not from around and decides to call on his high school language programme 

#my life

things I have done for the first time in my life this week range from eating instant noodles to having sex in a lake only by the light of the full moon and I think that sums it up pretty well

#my life#the full moon is really damn bright too#throws shadows like the sun when it's as high#i also got the ring inscription painted on my arm at one point#and ate more cherries than in the rest of my life put together#and you know#lots of stuff#not sure if I'll go into details#on the one hand I would like to remember it by writing it down#but on the other I'm not entirely comfortable with laying out all of my personal life#and it also touches other people so it's even more out of bounds#we'll see

did I mention I’m currently in Poland?

Cos I am. From tomorrow without internet for a week (not that I was really here this week when I had). So I guess I’ll see you after. Take care of yourselves. 

#first sunburn of the year#my life