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Unf I got the day off work (too many people on the rota) so I should really get on with Beltane things and use those extra five hours

but it was such a busy weekend and I’m so sore and tired and just want to watch movies in bed all day

oh well get the plaster here guess I gotta do something

#my life#Beltane is going amazingly#our dragon got a round of applause when it first appeared#over the course of the weekend I spent over 16 hours with these people#granted 5 of those were drum club#which was amazing apart from when one of our group dislocated her knee#and today my whole newsfeed is like 'uuuurgh getting up after drum club is the WORST'#oh man I love everyone#*collapses*

Maybe I spent the entire day playing with plaster and realizing that I’m absolute crap at making smooth symmetrical shapes

maybe not

#but the plaster all over me and the room might be an indication#also someone remind me to let the cat out before I go to sleep#she's just hanging out in the living room and I'd totally forget about her#but keeping cats that aren't yours overnight seems a bit impolite#also she's the kind that uses claws to get attention and I don't want to be woken by a hungry cat at 3am#also geddit the gif is funny because the next thing he does is cover his hand in paint#I AM FUNNY LOOKIT#I DID A FUNNY#ugh the next flat visit is Tuesday I should have tidied by then#and goten the plaster out of the carpet whooops#but oh man it looks SO BAD#and it's already the second try#I have no more plaster goddamnit#anyway I should probably stop tagging#I've just not seen a lot of people today it maks me chatty on the internet#my life

Guess who just got a cheque over £180 for getting an A in Gaelic last year

#apparently I can get another 300#or another 120 so it is 300#if I'm good this year too and write a letter to the grant that I got this from#lolll as if I could do anything but just about pass#but I mean WHAT#HOW DID THIS HAPPEN OMG#NOW I CAN PAY FOR LONDON#OR POLAND#OR GERMANY#my life

Huh I woke up all ready to make a long to do list and stuff because today is my ~working day but I can’t think of more than three points

also I found out where the Winter King works in our Student Union. He organizes the societies, which means I’ll get emails from him all the time now noI’mokaythisdoesn’tmakemefeelawkwardatall

#well okay today is also the first day I'm back at habitrpg#which has another six or seven dailies#soooo#also lots of sunshine and sleep and creativity over here#so in general doing very well#my life

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to announce that today was the first day in three months on which I didn’t have to do anything, and consequently did that. 

And it was fucking glorious.

That is all.

#I'd forgotten how beautiful it is#being nice to my body and brain#saying 'ok I'll just go to bed at 9pm'#and then waking up at 8am fully rested omg how long have I not had that#generally being fully rested let alone 8am#and watching all of the art assignment and Buffy and Howl's Moving Castle and just doing stupid things#occasionally feeling vaguely creative but it being ok if I don't follow through#guys it's so nice to not feel guilty#it's going to be a beautiful month#my life


#I'm crying and also almost missing my exam#this is gr9#my life#GO GO GO update google maps on your phone

So I did skip the other lectures too and went back to sleep and had the weirdest dreams and now I’m so confused that I can’t work either

this was such a great plan

#*flops on bed*#man I am so looking forward to tomorrow when this is the default#and I don't have to do anything#HA#my life

I’m skipping a lecture just because I can’t be bothered to get out of bed

#I have zero motivation for this class#idk it's just the end of the year and I don't want things anymore#GO AWAY THINGS#I do have to go for the ones at ten and eleven though#so it's not even much of a gain?#bleeeargh#my life