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Sometimes I feel like being an adult just means remembering to put on a top when going to the toilet because you live in mixed-gender student halls and not reading the comment section on articles about inequality

#guess which two things just happened#(I did actually remember just as I opened the door)#man I miss being able to walk around naked#bu also jesus christ what kind of world do some people live in#I admire every single person who ever put up with someone spurting wild untruths and replied calmly and with facts#I can't do that#my life

'You can write your essay on whatever you like'


*writes about the relationship between people and trolls from the 19th century till now*

#I'm really excited for this I'll get to read so many stories and watch cool things#... if my teacher accepts it#my life

Hmmm…. should I go to bed or go raid the fridge and watch more cosplaying videos?

#really not a question#I accidentally ate half a clock of chocolate#and I onlt just realized I'm probably twitching because of that#wooo sugar highs#I WANNA MAKE THINGS#(and then sell them to people for money)#my life

I’ve got so many pillows now  that they’re covering most of the floor and I have to wade through them to get anywhere

#besssssssst#I mean I spent as much money on them as I would on food for a week#but also I want a comfy home#and this is definitely helping#my life#they're kind of not super attractive pastel colours so I might go and hope to find fabric remnants to cover them in#there's a flea market tomorrow if I feel up to it

I live off knowing that my boyfriend will be here in two weeks and the other one in four and a month after that I’m going to Edinburgh myself

#it's not particulary bad rn#but if I have to read any more about vowel shifts in Old Norse I might go crazy#I also need to collect a bunch of pillows today#yay?#pillows are great but going to a place I've never been to talk to a stranger is rather intimidating#my life

I wanted to make a post yesterday about how all Norwegians have nice butts but forgot so now I’m just here to complain that my textbook is Nynorsk and not Bokmål sorry

#my life#whyyyy#it sounds so weird and I don't have a dictionary and it makes everything more complicated

I just went back 20 pages in my Hobbit tag to find a picture of two hot dudes in formalwear on the Hobbit set because I wanted to point out that I’m still as upset at seeing them as I was two and a half years ago (what even), but the only things I found where masses of absolutely stunning fanart (which I didn’t queue), me being a dick about Tauriel (I’m so sorry shining Elvish asskicking star) and about 50 renditions of Misty Mountains. 

#and that's the only things I'm going to liveblog#mainly because i really should go to beg#but hhhhhh I really want to#SO much nostalgia#my life

woop guess who started watching Hobbit production videos and teared up a minute in

goddamn Concerning Hobbits

#I have lots of problems with the movies but you can be sure that any behind the scenes stuff is deeply anchored in my heart#I KNOW ALL THESE VOICES#AND FACES#if there's not going to be an Extended Edition with more background material I'm going to murder someone#probably the hopeful little girl inside of me that's been dreaming about Middleearth for a decade#seeing the creative process behind was so important to my teenage years#please don't let me lose that only because there's already feature film length background material#my life#sorry that was a long ramble#this is pretty cose to my heart