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my ads on online videos aren’t even for porn and gambling any more but for reading manga and watching more online videos

#this seems rather ambiguous#my life

I’m so blessed to be friends with the kind of people who ask on facebook what they should name their new sword and the first reply is Bob. 

#other favourites include 'mr. popsicle' and 'sword'#I'm very surprised no dick jokes have happened yet the same guy posted a nude of himself like three days ago#apparently he's been banned seven times for it#but I guess Samhuinn King matters are above those kind of jokes#for the time being at least#my life

today is one of those days where I just want to crawl back into bed

#but I incidentally also need to do lots of stuff#well#buy food and do homework#technically not that much#but I just want to read and sleep and move as little as possible#it's not even a really bad day#just a 'slept in too long and had a nightmare that makes everything a bit less nice'#my life

omfg I thought Legolas and Galadriel are bad but Treebeard has to be my favourite

And I forgot that they call Saruman Aruman after he becomes evil 

#there's so many things here that I don't understand#but enjoy heartily#my life

the 1970s Lord of the Rings is so phenomenal

#also while I'm usually pretty good with body positivity#the fact that I'm constantly hungry and nothing I eat seems to make a difference is really getting to me#I'd say it's because it's imbalanced but I try to balance it??#ugh#it's super annoying#and worrying#anyway#I just wanted to whine a bit#more movie and happy things now#(and I really should do my yoga/pilates)#my life

I’m rewatching Return of the King and jeez while the movies have aged super well it’s either my player or the DVDs but all skin tones look very rubbery and I’m questioning a lot of PJ’s directing choices (like the whole Saruman bit was all over the place)

on the other hand Orlando Blooms ACTING is hilarious and I noticed Viggo has a scar in his moustache on which you can see which order they filmed stuff in and it’s a great excuse to stare at his face a lot

#also ugh I haven't seen this is such a long time I have missed all those people#and places#my life

there’s a bunch of guys juggling just outside my window but because I’m on the second floor all I see is occasional balls flying in and out of view and it’s just disconcerting 

#they're both really cute tho#my life

I don’t understand how a staged reading of a completely weirdass Harry Potter musical can reduce me to a crying and sniffling mess, but there you go

#excuse me while I listen to Everything Ends a couple more times#just to drive the point home#seriously every time#everything is so silly but I can't help it#also I seem to remember that there was an epilogue with Lockhart?#it wasn't there now though#anyone remember that?#my life

feeling I should give you all a general update because for now things are pretty good so I wanted to record that

  • still spending way too much money but I also know that it’s mainly important things so I can live with that
  • starting to find people I would almost consider as friends
  • getting back into crafting, I’ve done quite a bit of paper stuff and crocheting and bought some modelling clay too - plans for etsy are getting quite serious
  • my room is beginning to feeling like a home and cooking is getting fun (instead of constant eyeing of the fire alarm)
  • I get out at a good rate
  • doing okay in class and understanding lecturers
  • doing quite a big amount of swimming in the fjord, which is pretty incredible I mean look at that
  • also there’s sheep and a mostly tame fox there like what more do you want

#boom#I guess I'm doing this in lieu of blogging#but that takes sooo long#tomorrow#free days#they're great#but yeah I had a really good day#and generally things are looking a lot more up#my life