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I’m really tempted to buy a bottle of wine because I need the cork for some crafting

#but a) expensive#and b) I'd never drink it on my own#and wasting 3/4 of a bottle of wine is appalling#it's way too much to put in pasta sauce too#also I think someone upstairs is drilling something???#ummm#like into a wall?#wtf these are rented student flats

#I just randomly found this artist and these are SO gorgeous#I want to plaster my room with them#especially the foxes#and gosh the owls and Totoro and eeeeee everything#art#I'm getting a life you're getting a queue

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A History Lesson From the Captain America Fandom



"Have you ever seen the research capacity of fandom? It’s incredible. Turns out [Steve Rogers] had Snickers and Hershey’s in the 1940s but he’d be pretty alarmed to find the kind of apples he used to eat are extinct and chickens are now three times as big. Turns out his sex education would be better than the kind in schools now, and that living through the Great Depression might put him into a state of grim nostalgia regarding the failures of the current banking system. Turns out Steve Rogers lived in a queer neighborhood, six blocks from an “artsy queer house,” and he wouldn’t say “under God” during the pledge of allegiance."

Wrote about historical accuracy in the Cap 2 / CATWS fandom! Thank you sairobee, actualmenacebuckybarnes, historicallyaccuratesteve, and mswyrr for letting me use your art or fic, taking time to answer my questions, and being generally amazing!

So this happened. :D

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this whole ball of anxiety in the morning thing is starting to get familiar

#and old#really really fast#make it go away please#although if I'm unlucky I'll have sorted it all by today#... if I'm unlucky I'll have to redo my entire planning for the next two years#but you know#everything's cool right?



Paco Rabanne, 1968-1969

Musée Galliera de la Mode de la Ville de Paris

#hey I'd totally wear a chain dress#however I might require actual space for boobs#cos this one... doesn't have it#I'm getting a life you're getting a queue#fabulous fabric friday#but actually chainmail makes your curves look great#and pro tip: Don't wear it over a corset it makes things really uncomfortable after a while#my weird hobbies are totally paying off I can give super useful advice now#don't pair 16th century womenswear with full chainmail shirts#on the other hand I made a boy's day when we went to grab lunch in this sandwich shop and he just stared#and in the end came over and just said 'this is the most awesome thing I've seen today'#it was rather adorable#so that's the plus side#but that probably would have worked without the dress underneath because you couldn't see it