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I just saw a German news article about the lady who leads one of the pilot groups against IS and was super happy to see something about a badass lady in the news

and then it’s mentioned three times that she’s attractive and she needs a man to confirm that she has the qualifications


okay now look at Mariam al Mansouri to make it a little better



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because I haven’t been to classes for a week it feels like I’m on holiday and I want to stay up through the night and savour the dehydration headache that cames from it but I have class at 8.30 and why do I have a normal live that doesn’t consist of spending entire days in bed with a gorgeous intelligent man who is really into you?

#I'm just whining don't listen to me#it was just nice having a break#and not feeling guilty about it#and yeah I was totally bored and didn't want it#and I'm sure I'll be equally bored in two days because I still can't move above the abolsute minimum#(well not still rather again but shhhh)#but right now I just miss being able to stay up late without repercussions#and you know having my boyfriend here#my life

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The Baby Groot School of Dance is open for business! I’ll have this print available at FanExpo

The Baby Groot School of Dance is open for business! I’ll have this print available at FanExpo

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Long Coats - I honestly believe that David Tennant has a clause within his contract that states he must have a “long coat” in every production.  What do you think?

Reblog for the morning crowd.

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Phwoah, what a weekend

#absolutely exhausted#and almost guilty thinking that my boyfriend will have to spend the night on an airport#because he was even more floored than I am#and he has to work in the morning#but then it was totally mutually agreed that it was worth it#what a good weekend for my flatmate to be away#or if he was here we intimidated him enough that I never heard anything from him#my life