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I’m really conflicted whether I want to use the ridiculously nice dark red silk for my Beltane costume or the fire truck red linen

#thing is I'm not sure how wearable it's going to be afterwards#it's going to smell of smoke and sweat and probably have stains on it#but it's so much nicer than the linen#aaaargh

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#wooow#that's gorgeous#and I expect really damn dangerous#with the expansion of water in different states#and generally ice creeping into crevices then melting and expanding#not good#especially in such a ramshackle city#photography#nature#I'm getting a life you're getting a queue

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Louder, louderand we’ll run for our livesI can hardly speak I understandwhy you can’t raise your voice to say


Louder, louder
and we’ll run for our lives
I can hardly speak I understand
why you can’t raise your voice to say

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Pompeii: What objects did people take as they fled?

But as Vesuvius began emitting black clouds of ash, and the danger became more obvious, most people fled or sought shelter. So what did they reach for in the hours before the fatal eruption? There are many practical items like lamps and lanterns. Even before nightfall, the cities could have been plunged into darkness ahead of the main eruption which came shortly after midnight. Some people had their keys, clearly hopeful that they would be returning home. Hundreds of refugees from Herculaneum had taken shelter in the vaulted arcades at the beach, perhaps hoping to be rescued, clutching their jewellery and money.

Among them was a young girl found with a charm bracelet, constructed of more than 40 charms from all over the Roman empire. She may have hoped it would bring her good luck. The bracelet would have had “no financial value,” says Paul Roberts, “but is a very poignant object, which must have had sentimental value for its owner.”

People took things that had personal meaning - a doctor was found with his medical kit, which included scalpels, forceps, and a needle. “We can never know if this was to safeguard the tools of his trade, or a valiant attempt to help the wounded,” says Roberts.

One woman was found with bags of jewellery, and gold and silver coins - more wealth than found with any other body. Around her neck was a large necklace, or “body chain”, which she must have been particularly attached to, as it was the only piece of jewellery she was wearing.

Along with more precious items, there was a single battered earring and fragments of an armlet - suggesting that she didn’t have time to carefully choose what she took, but may have simply grabbed or tipped her jewels into a bag as she fled.

The possessions of another young woman, found outside Pompeii’s Nola gate, suggest that superstition and faith played their part as the victims tried desperately to escape from the rising heat and falling pumice. The “Porta Nola” girl carried a silver statuette of the Egyptian goddess Isis-Fortuna, protective silver amulets including one in the shape of a phallus which was thought to protect against the evil eye, and rings containing icons associated with luck. It is impossible to know whether she, or any of the victims, grabbed those objects at the last minute, but she had clearly tried to protect herself from bad fortune….

People in Pompeii and Herculaneum were also found with impractical items, says Paul Roberts. Some had bulky silver pots, which would have made it hard to escape with any speed, but would have been seen as a valuable item that they could trade for food or money. 

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so guess what the International Office at my uni managed to mix the TWO people who are going to Norway next year up and send them acceptances to the wrong universities.


Did I mention that the deadlines of said universities are next week and we can’t apply before we get this confirmation?

#I had to call them I was not happy

Unf I got the day off work (too many people on the rota) so I should really get on with Beltane things and use those extra five hours

but it was such a busy weekend and I’m so sore and tired and just want to watch movies in bed all day

oh well get the plaster here guess I gotta do something

#my life#Beltane is going amazingly#our dragon got a round of applause when it first appeared#over the course of the weekend I spent over 16 hours with these people#granted 5 of those were drum club#which was amazing apart from when one of our group dislocated her knee#and today my whole newsfeed is like 'uuuurgh getting up after drum club is the WORST'#oh man I love everyone#*collapses*